Upload Configuration

Upload required

When toggled on

  • Buyers click on "Add to cart" button and won't go through, but an error message configured on "Upload required - error message" is displayed

When toggled off

  • Upload image is optional and buyers can just click "Add to cart" button without uploading any photo


When toggled on

  • Customers can automatically have photo cropped when uploading a photo

  • Minimum file required will set to 1

  • If Minimum Dimension is NOT set, then it will get the entire photo

  • If Minimum Dimension is set, then it will crop the largest possible image with that aspect ratio centered

Example: min dimension: 500px width, 500px height (means aspect ratio = 1)

When toggled off

  • When buyer uploads a photo, it automatically opens a crop window asking customers to crop the photo before upload

  • Minimum files required is set to 0

Minimum / Maximum files required

Set for min/max files required

If min files required set to 0, upload required is turned off

Example: If you want just 3 photos, no more no less, - set min and max photos required to 3

Upload error message

You can configure the error message if customers have not upload an image yet