Product Targeting

Display for ALL products

Select "Show upload button on all products" option and it will be displayed for all products

Display if MATCH_ANY of conditions

An example of how setting looks like when "Show upload button on products that MATCH ANY of these conditions" is selected

Condition Types

There are several condition types:

  • Select product

  • product title

  • product handle

  • product vendor

  • product type

  • product tag

  • collection title

  • collection handle

The most common one is product title. The easiest one to navigate to the product tag, or collection title based on a group of products

All of these condition type values can be found and edited usually on "edit product page" or "edit collection page"

Select Product

You can select from the list the specific product on which you want to place the Upload button

  • Select "Show upload button on products that MATCH ANY of these conditions" option

  • Choose the required product in the popup for which you need the button to be displayed

Condition Operators

The values of operators are:

  • contains

  • equals

This is all string based comparison so:

  • contains mean if [product title][contains] a value of string on the 3rd box

  • equals mean [product title][equals] exactly as the text on the 3rd box

Add / Delete conditions

When you don't have any conditions, you will see the red "Add Condition" button asking you to add a product targeting condition so the setting can be displayed on a product page

Once you click "Add Condition", you will see the option to add or delete more conditions