Uploader Image Label

Controls the labels for images on orders

Once the image uploaded to cart, "square image" label will show up like this

Display on front page

This is for Shopify OS1.0 Theme only. Usually this is compatible with Shopify Debut theme where it will display on home page

If you have a featured product on home page, our app will be able to display on it

Limitation: there can only be 1 featured product, otherwise it will not work properly

Add to cart button: clears uploaded photos

If customers upload an image and want to order again, they need to upload new set of pictures

If turned on, after click "add to cart" button, all the images will be cleared

Quantity Sync: photo number = quantity

Requirement: You need to have quantity displayed on product page

No Crop Restriction

When turned on, you can zoom outside of the photos

When turned off, you cannot zoom outside of the photos

  • You are only limited by how big the photo is. the edge of the photo is the boundary limit for crop

Hide custom uploader fields

When it's on, it will add "_" in front of all the custom fields

For example: "_custom photo", "_extra text", "_extra dropdown option"

The reason why adding this is that they will not be displayed on Shopify checkout page

When it's off, you can see the images, custom fields on cart page