Image Shapes Configuration

Default settings


  1. There are a few shapes you can choose from

  • Heart

  • iPhone

  • Square

  • Rectangle

  • Circle

  • Oval

  • Upload Custom Mask

  • Hide upload button, Product Options Only

Note: all of these shapes are just Masks on top of uploaded rectangular photo

** So if you select oval, circle, heart, iPhone, custom mask, they will all be an image mask on top of the uploaded rectangle image. When you receive orders, you will still get rectangular photo in the backend **

2. Hide Upload

This is just a shortcut for "Hide upload button, product options only"

Minimum Dimension

This is where you set the minimum dimension AND aspect ratio of the uploaded image

1. Special note

  • If you select "No I do not need minimum file dimension" + rectangle + auto crop turned on, you will get the entire photo

  • If you select "No I do not need minimum file dimension" + square / circle + auto crop turned on, you will automatically crop the biggest square photo starting from the center

2. Minimum Requirement

This is where you you set pixel requirements for minimum width and minimum height

3. Aspect Ratio

Once you have entered minimum dimension, you can also get Aspect ratio calculated for you. This is always calculated based on width / height and find the lowest common denominator

4. Error message

Minimum dimension required - error message

  • Here is where you configure error message if customer uploads a photo but pixel size is not smaller than set minimum dimension

  • Please note that you can use {width} or {height} in the setting and it will automatically change into the width and height number you set in minimum dimensions

Minimum dimension on crop - error message

  • You get minimum dimension on crop when you zoom in too much, and you need customers to zoom out to meet the minimum dimension requirement

Custom text per photo

If you need extra texts that comes with each photo, you can turn on this option

1. Options inside custom text per photo

  • Add new custom text fields (here you add a new set of text fields)

  • Remove (here you remove set of text fields)

  • Label (your label for text field)

  • Placeholder text (placeholder inside text box when there's no text)

  • Character limit (make sure there's character limit and stop customers from typing more and shows error message)

2. Character limit warning message

This is where you configure your warning message. Letting customer know that the character limit has reached.

Example: Let's say you only need 2 letters for the Jersey, you set character limit to 2 so buyers can only type in 2 letters. Then if they pass it, an error message will appear with message you configured

Custom Mask Shape Option

You get special screen when you select "Upload Custom Mask" under shapes

1. Browse to upload PNG file

Here you will upload a PNG file with transparent property so that it covers the entire uploaded photo

2. Minimum dimension under custom mask

  • When PNG file is uploaded, app will automatically update minimum width and height so the aspect ratio will be exactly the same as the mask

  • You can also set your own width and height to control how the masks will look with new aspect ratio if you like

Advanced settings

Advanced setting is used when you need to have multiple different shapes

How to use advanced setting?

Start by selecting "advanced" under Shapes and Product Options

Click "Add new shape and dimension"

You can create multiple shapes and dimensions configured after adding a few shapes like this

  • The settings and inputs are similar to normal setting, you will have the same "normal" settings on every shape

Display Grid

If you ever need customers to upload multiple photos, let's say 3+, it's useful to display all the photos as a grid instead of 1 photo at a time

Problem - too many photos

Solution - display them as a grid


  • Use to enable grid setting

Photos per row

  • Set # of photos of per row, it ranges from 1 - 4


1. Requirement

You must have minimum dimension set up

This is why when you turn on orientation, minimum dimension setting is automatically turned on

2. How it works

With minimum dimension set, you are able to set orientation or portrait setting

App does this by checking current shape's minimum dimension to determine whether the aspect ratio is landscape or portrait and automatically set to that

For example:

  • width: 800px, height: 500px => Landscape => Orientation will automatically set it as landscape initially

Use Case:

  • Customer sometimes have to create 2 products, landscape photo, or portrait photo. With this, you can just have an option and combine them into 1 product listing instead

3. Display

  • Toggle (to turn on or off the orientation setting)

  • Label (label for the Orientation label text above the orientation dropdown)

  • Landscape Text (landscape option text inside dropdown)

  • Portrait Text (portrait option text inside dropdown)