Download orders


You can get to this page by clicking "Download orders" tab next to "Dashboard" tab

Here you can download uploaded images

Date filter

  • Default

When there's nothing on specific date, the app will pull the most recent 200 orders. And If the earlier 200 orders are still part of current day, it will keep on fetching 200 more orders until all of today's order is fetched

  • Filter by selecting a date

On the date selector filter, you can choose a date to filter, the app will fetch all of the orders during that day

Download single order

You can download a single order worth of images by clicking "generate file" button

While files generating, all the buttons on this page will be disabled

After you click "generate file", you will see a download link for files

Download multiple orders

You can select multiple orders by checking on "Image Order Number" column

Note: the max number of orders you can download is 10

Once all selected, you can click on "generate bulk file" to download all the orders at once condensed in a .zip file

Downloaded zip file structure

File structure:

  • order number

    • #1 (Item name)

      • Custom image 1.jpg

      • Custom image 2.jpg

      • properties.txt

    • #2 (Item name)

      • Custom image 1.jpg

      • properties.txt

  • orders-utf8.csv file

    • This has all orders info, customer info, and custom properties info in the csv columns